Inverno Hoodie

Super soft, super velvety, MEGA COMFY! You will fall in love with this hoodie the moment you first try it on. The shimmery deep grey color will definitely give you that mysterious and gorgeous note! ;)

Product features

  • Made for comfort and ultimate performance.
  • Super soft and comfy! Velvety feel. :)
  • Protects against cold weather.
  • Made from stretchy/ breathable fabric which absorbs moist.
  • Sewn both inside and out to ensure maximum performance no matter how much you stretch or move.
  • Adjustable ribbon in the bottom part to prevent the hoodie from falling over while you are upside down in a handstand! ;)

Have any questions? Check our FAQ section.

  • Fabric composition: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane
  • Fabric imported from Italy
  • Weight: 195 g/m2

Fabric features:

- Soft and velvety.
- Breathable
- Pilling resistant
- Excellent coverage
- UV protection
- Perfect fit
- Two-way stretch

  • Hand wash
  • Air dry
  • Don't iron/ tumble dry/ bleach or dry clean

I'm in-between sizes, which size should I get?

Although our fabric is very stretchy, we always advise our customers to order a size bigger if they're in-between sizes.

For example, if you're between Small and Medium, it's better to go with Medium. There's not a large difference between these two sizes, so this will avoid the issue of having to return your order because your leggings are too small.

None of the sizes apply to me. What do I do?

If you have checked our size guide and you believe none of the measurements will fit you, then you can e-mail us at to arrange a custom size.

If you want your Inverno hoodie to be featured here make sure to use hashtag #arthleticINVERNO on your pics! ;)