12 days of Christmas? Make it 15! We are so happy to announce @arthleticwear’s very first challenge and it’s going to be EPIC!  15 days- 15 prizes + MEGA PRIZE on Christmas day!!! Are you going to be #SantasArthletes

The challenge starts during Hanukkah and ends on Christmas! It’s our way of connecting the world this year! 
Aaand we are also so thrilled to announce that the hosts for this challenge will be a multicultural mix of these phenomenal ladies:
and @aleksic_twins ?

How to apply? In 3 simple steps:
1) Re-post this photo and tag 3 friends to join in.
2) Follow and tag all hosts and sponsor@arthleticwear.
3) Make sure to use the hashtag#SantasArthletes

The challenge starts on December 11th! See you then! 

In the meanwhile, to make your job easier, here's how the order of posting is going to go:
Day 1- (posting on Dec. 10th) -@aleksic_twins
Day 2- @cheryld126
Day 3- @brendayoga
Day 4- @silver_cloudss
Day 5- @courtneychung81
Day 6- @hollybentley_yoga
Day 7- @cheryld126
Day 8- @brendayoga
Day 9- @silver_cloudss
Day 10- @courtneychung81
Day 11- @hollybentley_yoga
Day 12- @brendayoga
Day 13- @silver_cloudss
Day 14- @courtneychung81
Day 15- @hollybentley_yoga
P.S. @aleksic_twins will be posting beginner variations every day! 
Good luck and can't wait to see your posts! ❤❤❤

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