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Arthletic: the clue is in the name…

Milena and Jelena Aleksic, two artistic and sporty twins from Serbia started drawing before they started talking, and after years of trudging around in boring sports gear, at the age of 21 they pooled their talents and Arthletic was born. Arthletic gear allows you to don yourself in bespoke pieces of art, beautifully crafted into stretchy sportswear, and then get a sweat on…what’s not to love?


What’s different about Arthletic leggings?
I think you’ll agree that there aren’t exactly many brands of printed leggings out there. Our leggings go beyond that though. Not only do we hand-draw every design, we also pay a huge amount of attention to detail so that every line, curve and colour follows the shape of the leg. Every piece is made with love!


Where did your amazing idea come from?
Drawing was the first thing we learned when we were kids. Our father was a painter so he thought it was important to bring out the creative side in kids and he was absolutely right. We became obsessed with drawing and instead of playing with toys, we drew characters in different settings and pretended to be in the world of our drawings, it was loads of fun! Twenty years later here we were drawing a girl doing Natarajasana in a pair of Dragon leggings and that’s when the idea to start a brand was born. We thought the leggings looked pretty rad and wanted to make them for ourselves originally, but when we shared our idea with the Instagram yogis, they all encouraged us to start our own brand.


At what point did you know that your idea was going to become a reality?
It definitely all became real for us the moment our Kickstarter project reached its funding goal. It was a very emotional moment because until then, we hadn’t realised the importance of our decision to start a brand. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into, or how it would all work out, we just knew we were following our hearts and our dream, and then suddenly it was no longer a dream!


Who does the designing? Or do you work together?
Considering the fact that we are twins, it’s safe to say that we do everything together. We’ve been together all our lives and always worked as partners in crime, whether it’s getting away with a mischief or designing a pair of leggings!


Do you guys plan to branch out to other types of clothing? What about men – they always have to put up with boring yoga clothes, they could do with something a bit more jazzy!?
Yes, we definitely plan to expand our brand! The dudes definitely need some jazzy yoga clothes too so we plan to make that happen! It’s a completely new field for us though, so we want to think everything through before getting ourselves into the unknown. Designing clothes for women is easier for us since we are women ourselves and understand what women in yoga want. When it comes to guys, that’s a whole new story, but we are hoping we’ll provide them with exactly what they need.


How has yoga and your business changed your relationship?
Ever since we started doing yoga a year ago, our lives completely changed. We used to be two shy, insecure kids, who were constantly bullied in school and had no self-confidence. Yoga made us question ourselves deeply and is the main reason we decided to make a change our lives. Since we started doing yoga together, we have been encouraging each other to be more confident and to overcome the things that were holding us back. Our relationship became stronger and at the same time we grew stronger in ourselves. This strength helped us make the decision to start our brand at such a young age.


What’s your favourite product to practice in?
Jelena: Hmm… that’s a hard question! I couldn’t possibly decide on one, but I’d say my top two favorites are the Unicorn Leggings and Phoenix Harem Pants. My inner child loves ponies and fairy-tales so maybe that explains it! These two designs always make me feel happy and carefree when I wear them, so that’s why they’re my favorites.
Milena: I think I’ll have to go with the Dragon leggings! I’ve always been the more insecure one, but when I wear this design I feel like a strong and confident woman. I’ve had a lot of breakthroughs in yoga whilst wearing these leggings, so that’s another reason they’re my fave!


What advice would you give to someone who has something they’re passionate about and wants to change it into a business?
Go for it! If you have a passion and you have the will to withstand any obstacle that might cross your path, then don’t hesitate for another second, do something about it! Life is too short to care about what others have planned for you, so live your life by your own plan. If they don’t like it, so what? Even if you fail at it, at least you’ll know that you tried. It’s better to have a life full of “oh well” than a life full of “what if”.


Any inspirational New Year advice?
Don’t write New Year’s resolutions this year! Instead, take a piece of paper right now and write an answer to this question: “What is your dream?” Now take this paper and stick it on your bathroom mirror or anything that you look at all of the time; absolutely DON’T take it down until you’ve fulfilled your dream. It’ll be worth it.


What’s the one question you always wish someone would ask you, and what’s your answer to it?
The most important question for anyone is “Are you happy with your life?”. Everyone should ask themselves this question. If you can’t look back at all the things you’ve achieved and say that you’re happy then you know you have to make a change.
Are we happy with our lives? Absolutely.

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